Gefolgschaftszeichen, Zinnabzeichen "Earl of Warwick"

This ragged-Staff badge was formerly catalogued as a livery badge of the Earls of Warwick. Although we know that the Earls of Warwick did use the ragged staff as a livery badge (as well as a bear and, most frequently, the two combined), we now know that the ragged staff has its origins as a religious symbol & that this was subsequently adopted as a livery badge. Badges of this particular type are most likely to have been devotional rather than livery badges. The ragged staff’s meaning is not certain, but it is my belief that it symbolised sacrifice, protection and resurrection. Original found in Norfolk. Late 14th-15th Centuries. 29x67mm. A ragged staff, upon which, in relief, is a cross and the inscription ‘Maria Ora’, (Mary pray for me).
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